Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ongoing projects: 1958 Husqvarna typ 80 A

..and we have a winner on guessing the engine. Mr Boyd Peters guessed that it is a Husqvarna, and it is. Sadly, I can't give any other prizes than fame and glory, haha!

This is a 1958 Husqvarna typ 80 A. No, typ is not misspelled. This is how they write type in swedish.

Back in 1958, Husqvarna bought the rights to produce an engine designed by another Swedish outboard manufacturer called Aldell. Aldell had produced outboards since the early 1950's. 

This engine is one cylinder, air cooled, 77cc's (therefore named typ 80). It uses traditional points and condenser-ignition, the system is designed by Stefa. It also has a lighting coil for the 6 volt power outlet.

Anyway, this is it for this time. More info in the next update. This is how far I've come to date. A little more had to be done before it can be test ran, but the end is near now!

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