Tuesday, 31 March 2015

British Seagull - "the best outboard motor for the world"

Here we have a 1967 British Seagull Century (100) Plus Long Shaft model.
It's 102cc, approx. 4.5-5.5 hp, direct drive. Serial number WPL1520C7.
It is all original, running a Villiers carburettor, Wipac ignition and so on.

Here is a link to a fantastic site about British Seagulls. You'll find anything you need and more there!

The serial number (WPL1520C7) dates it to March 1967.

Quite a bold statement, don't you think?

Still running its original spark plug wire!

The only real repair work I had to do on the engine was reattaching (aluminum soldering, more on that later) the broken off clamp that secures the drive shaft tube to the bottom part of the engine.
When I got the engine, it was "fixed" by using some thick wire, some nails, and some brute force. Nothing like those "grandpa" fixes!

O also had to make a new bolt since the old one had rusted beyond repair. Not 100% like the original one but it gets the job done. Sorry about the bad picture.

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