Thursday, 2 April 2015

1925 Wickström 6-7 HP marine engine

Here is my oldest engine. I bought it last autumn as a winter project, and got it done a couple of weeks ago. The engine was bought originally in 1925, and was used until 1958 when the boat it was mounted in rotted away. The engine sat untouched until 2014, when the first owners grandson (who was 60 at the time) brought it home and a few months later sold it to me. 
I did a total mechanical restoration on the engine, I repainted it and cleaned it up, but I wanted to maintain a patinaed surface. I like these engines a little scruffy and rough, rather than perfect.

Some specifications of the engine:
Single cylinder
6-7 horsepower (6 on petroleum, 7 on gasoline)
Bore: 120 mm
Stroke: 133 mm
Displacement: 1520 cc
Weight: approx. 200 kg

The Wickström Brothers had their factory in my hometown. Their engines were produces from the early 1900's to the 1970's.. These engines were very popular here in Finland, and were also exported all around the world.

Schebler model D- type carburetor

Had to make a new glass for the drip-feed oiler, and a new valve for the oiler

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