Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Seagulls second chance, part 2

Today, I continued to work on the '60 Seagull. As I wrote in part 1, the engine had seized from sitting but I got it turning over by squirting oil into the cylinder. 
I was going to do something else with the engine today, but when I turned it over I noticed it had seized up again! Strange, I thought, since the cylinder bore was clean and well oiled. 

The Seagull engine has very few moving parts, so I decided to take a closer look at what was causing this. I turned the prop by hand, and thats when I noticed that the gears in the lower unit had locked up. 
Now then, nothing else to do than to take the lower unit apart and free it up.

Here is the lower unit as it looked when I started.

Here is the lower unit. The unit was still locked up after removing it, and the engine turned over just fine, so here is our problem.

I removed the prop and split the gear case in half.
This is when I did a "shocking discovery" (as any American documentary narrator would say!). The old gear oil/grease had completely dried up, lost its shape, and jammed the gears. The grease felt and looked just like saw dust! Never seen anything like it before.

Next step is to remove the prop shaft and gears from the housing. 
To do this, you must remove the locking pin by hitting it with a ball pein hammer.

And this is what the gear housing and gear looked like after removal

Cleaned the parts with some brake cleaner (CRC:s Bräkleen does a great job) and some sandpaper. Afterwards, it looked like this.
The smaller gear has already been greased in this picture, therefore the slimey bottom of the gear case

Prop shaft and gear in place, all greased up

Impeller housing

Finished product. Works like a charm!

Tune in for part 3.


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