Friday, 8 May 2015

1951 Johnson Seahorse HD-26 Test run

Today I got to do a real tune-in test run of the HD-26. We went to my girlfriends summerhouse and I brought with me a couple of engines to join us on our fishing trip. We didn't do any fishing tonight but we'll give it a shot tomorrow. At least I got to run the engines in a barrel which is always fun.

I brought my 1951 HD-26 2.5 hp and my 1960 JW-16 3 hp (post on that one comes soon!). Sadly I didn't remember to take any pics or videos of the JW running..oh well. 

Mixed too much oil in the gas on purpose to ensure good lubrication of the engine during the run in. Later on I'll use some correct mixture. At least no mosquitos bothered us today!

This time I'll also add a short video for the first time on the Petrolist blog! It's not that good but it gives you a view of the HD-26 in action. From now on, I will try to post videos too of my engines running.

First off, install some new plugs. I'm running Denso W22S-U, similar to the no longer available Champion J4J's originally used.

Time to run!

Some mid run adjustments needed

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