Saturday, 16 May 2015

1968 Johnson MQ14E 9.5 hp

Here we have another real classic engine. Everyone should recognize this. It is a 1968 Johnson MQ14E, 9.5 hp. It is essentially the same engine as the Evinrude Sportwin 9.5, and therefore these engines are known as Johnnyrudes.

You just gotta love the flathead design of these engines. And no, it's not flathead as in flathead or side valve engine. Two-strokes don't have valves, remember? two-strokes have ports. 
It's called flathead based on the low-profile design of the engine.

This engine came from the second owner, who was a close relative of the first owner. The engine had sat unused for at least 25 years, but it had always been well taken care of. It had seen very little use before that, for at least the last fifteen years it was in use.
The engine is in a fantastic internal condition, has great compression and really snapping spark. The pull starter has a really responsive action. This engines gearbox is also of the classic F-N-R-design.

This engine is the best starting engine of my collection, even after all those years sitting. I poured some petrol in the carb, and it started within half a pull! I've never been so amazed by an engine. Now I've just have to find a suitable boat to put it on..

This engine is going to go through the same basic servicing as all the other ones: clean and adjust points, change gearbox oil, re-gap the plugs and so on. A little oiling here and there and it should be just a perfect engine for all kinds of boating trips.

Only part missing is the low speed mixture setting knob

Looks like a real tough one, doesn't it?

A really "modern" gearshift lever design

And I also got the original gas tank for the engine! If it is missing it's certainly not a deal breaker, but it adds some sentimental value to the engine.

You just gotta love those vintage gas tank designs.

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