Tuesday, 12 May 2015

1960 Johnson Seahorse JW-16 3 hp

Some of you may wonder what I'm going to do with another early 60's three horse Johnson. Let me tell y'all.. Stuff! One never knows when it's going to be needed. The day may come. And it raises questions. And questions equals subcontiously awakened interest. Allright, enough of the wannabe philosophical ramblings.

So, here we have another one. This time it's a 1960 JW-16 3 hp. It's essentially the same engine as my 1961 JW-17. It is an alternate firing twin cylinder, direct drive, lightweight little engine. What's fun with these engines is that they're really simple to date. The first JW Johnson was released in 1952, as the successor of the HD-25 and HD-26 (scroll a few posts back for a post about my HD-26). The 1952-1954 JW was called the JW-10. 1955 was the JW-11, 1956 JW-12, 1957 JW-13 and so on. See the pattern? That makes my JW-16 a 1960 and my JW-17 a 1961.

I have found that these little engines are really simple to run, reliable, and fun. They'll push any little boat forward at a steady pace. You've just got to be in no hurry!

And here is a picture of the JW-16 (right) and the JW-17 (left) side-by-side. The 16 is a little bit rougher than the 17.
As you botice, the JW-17 is missing it's lower part of the engine shroud. If anyone has one laying around, give me a holler!

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