Thursday, 28 May 2015

1972 Mercury Kiekhaefer Merc 200 20 hp

Here we have a real sweet engine. It is a 1972 Mercury Kiekhaefer Merc 200 20 hp.
This engine came to me from the original owners son. It was bought brand new in 1972, then due to family complications it was left sitting unused for 15 years in its original package until it was used the first time. It has got a few scratches and dings from usage and storage but nothing major. Unfortunately, the prop is missing after some clumsy mechanic lost it when trying to service the engine!

Now, what in the world is Kiekhaefer (pronounced Key-Kay-fur)? I hear you all say.

Well, lemme tell ya (said in my best redneck accent):

Carl Kiekhaefer is the engineer behind the the brand that is nowadays known as Mercury Marine. Originally the engines were called Kiekhaefer Mercury (sort of like Kiekhaefer was the brand name and Mercury was the model name). The company was called Kiekhaefer Marine and was founded by Carl in 1939, in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Long story short, Kiekhaefer ran the company until 1969 when he resigned as President of the company. Officially, the company changed its name to Mercury Marine but decided to use the name Kiekhaefer for a couple more years out of respect for the founder. In 1973, the Kiekhaefer name was dropped and were thereafter simply known as Mercury.
That makes my 1972 one of the last Mercurys featuring the Kiekhaefer name, which is quite cool.

Here are some pictures. Hope you all enjoy!

And it came with its original gas tank.

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