Wednesday, 3 June 2015

1970 Yamaha P250 15 hp

Here is another oddball engine. This is a 1970 Yamaha P250 15 hp. 
There is little to no info to be found about these engines. It's a two-stroke, twin cylinder, probably 250 cc's (based on model number).
It runs on both kerosene and gasoline, which is quite unusual! The engine is started on gasoline, and when it has reached working temperature you switch over to kerosene. Of course it is possible to run it on gasoline only too.
Kerosene, also known as jet aviation fuel (jet fuel), burns less violently than gasoline and therefore it needs to burn in a pre heated environment. That's why it is really hard, almost impossible, to start it cold on gasoline.

It came with its original fuel tank and tool roll.

G-Pull = pull switch for gasoline
K-Push = push switch for kerosene
Starter usually known as choke

The gas tank is a one-in-two models,it has different containers for gasoline and kerosene.


  1. y is it possible to find parts for this engin , because i have one thanks

  2. I have one working and it's for sale.