Friday, 26 June 2015

Ongoing projects: 1969 Kiekhaefer Mercury Merc 200 20 hp

I have decided to start a new series of posts on this blog. This series is called ongoing projects. I don't think the title needs any further explanations.

I, just like any other engine collector and restorer, have engines that fit into several different categories. Running engines that need no work, minor projects that need some service work and such, and long time projects. Some even have a so called some day-category, which contains projects that are going to be addressed some day.

Ongoing projects contains engines that need more work than others and doesn't have to keep a timeschedule per se. Of course I'd like to finish any project as soon as possible but I've realized that time is not on my side every day.

Anyway, on to the first engine of this series. This is a 1969 Kiekhaefer Mercury Merc 200 20 hp. This one is in a very rough shape at first glance, but underneath all the dirt and grime is a real diamond in the rough to be found. 
The engine is seized from sitting at the moment, but I have it soaking in wd-40 as we speak so it should free it right up. 

The engine is complete part wise, all that is missing is the prop (no big deal) and the chrome plated face plate. If anyone has got one, give me a heads up! 

This engine is probably going to need new coils, condensers, points, impeller, all new main gaskets, plus a carburetor cleaning. Then I'll have to decide what to do about the cosmetics. Right now, I figure I'm going to gice the paint job a real good rubbing to see what can be saved. Otherwise I'll probably have to paint and apply new decals. 

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