Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A Seagulls second chance, part 3

This update is going to be a really short one, but better than nothing, right?
Today I took some time off after work to return to the '60 Seagull. Unfortunately, the camera I normally use was out of reach so I had to use my mobile phone. Apologies for that.

I have made som progress on the engine since the last update. I have found that the cause of the lost spark is a bad coil, so I have to get a replacement. Unfortunately, they are not too common these days, but the work needed to find parts is a big part of the charm of the hobby.
I cleaned up the entire breaker point assembly, installed new wires between the points, the coil and the condenser. I checked the capacitor, and made sure the engine had good ground, a brand new spark plug, a good spark plug wire, but it still wouldn't spark.

So, if anyone has a lead on a good Villiers ignition coil, or on a coil that is non-original but works in this application, please give me a heads up.

After making sure the coil was faulty, I gave up for the day and started an initial cleanup of the engine. This is what it looks like today. Everyone is welcome to chime in on the big question:

To keep as-is or to repaint? Is this engine beyond the point of 'charming patina' or is it a little gem under all the grime and dirt?

Take a look and see what you think.

The tank has got a nice shine to it, thanks to some rubbing compound and Simoniz.

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